Sigma Chapter's Charity of Choice 2010-2011

Aid for Friends


        Due to the amazing support of our members, we have far exceeded our initial goal of raising $5,000 for our Charity of Choice. Our new goal is to reach $8,000 by the end of the semester and with your support we should achieve our goal in no time! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our efforts.

        Imagine being disabled or elderly, unable to leave your own home. You have no family around to come and visit and you don’t have the energy or ability to go to a store for food. Now think about how great it would be to have a complete stranger deliver meals to you every week. Through these visits, this one time stranger becomes a dear and loving friend. That is what Aid for Friends does for hundreds of elderly and disabled individuals in the Philadelphia area. This nonprofit organization has been helping these homebound men and women since 1974. Their mission statement explains it all:

        Aid For Friends' mission is to serve needy, isolated shut-ins, primarily the frail elderly, in the 5 county Greater Philadelphia area, with free daily home-cooked meals delivered weekly by empathetic volunteer visitors, and also to provide shut-ins with free outreach services. The goal is to help our homebound "client/friends" maintain their cherished independence by supporting their determination to remain in their own homes for as long as possible and to enhance their quality of life. Aid for Friends delivers home cooked, nutritious meals to these homebound individuals. They offer specific menu items for those with special dietary needs. In addition, they send birthday and holiday cards to their clients. The Sigma Chapter is excited to help this local charity organization, supporting those in Philadelphia and in five surrounding counties. Through our financial and philanthropic efforts, our members will be helping to support the ongoing mission of this great organization!

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