Alumni Donations

The Sigma Chapter would like to thank all of its alumni for their
support. Without your contributions, our program would not be nearly
as successful. We hope you will continue to support our program and
help us achieve our organizational goals.

To donate and receive recognition, please follow these instructions:

1. Make a donation.
a. Donate by check. Make the check payable to Temple University and mail it to:
          Department of Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management
          Attn: Michelle Henry
          Temple University
          601 Alter Hall, 1801 Liacouras Walk
          Philadelphia, PA 19122


b. Donate Online.
          Go to
          Enter gift amount.
          Click "Next".
          Under "Designations", select "Other".
          Inside of the "Other" text box, type "E0330 Gamma Iota Sigma".
          Continue to fill out the appropriate information and click "Submit".
2. Complete the alumni update form online at

2011-2012 Academic Year Donations

Platinum Sponsors

Platinum sponsors represent those sponsors who have given anywhere from $200 - $499.99.

Contact Graduation Date
Manuel Stamatakis  
Kevin Junod Class of 1991
Arthur & Ebonee Randolph Class of 2007
Theodor Swansen Class of 1992
Boris Korchemkin Class of 1995
Ajay Nayak Class of 2011

Gold Sponsors

Gold sponsors represent those sponsors who have given anywhere from $100 - $199.99

Contact Graduation Date
John Dormuth Class of 1993
Marc Savasta Class of 1998
Dennis McCann Class of 2000

Silver Sponsors

Silver sponsors represent those sponsors who have given up to $99.99.

Contact Graduation Date
Rasheed Allen Class of 2001
Michael Archer Class of 1979
Marc Armstrong Class of 1979
Ismail Bayo Class of 2006
Brian Bloemker Class of 1996
Vi Cheng Class of 1998
Thanongrack Chommany Class of 1999
Danielle Costello Class of 2010
Diane Cotrim Class of 2010
Robert S. Damerjian Class of 1956
Kendrick, Jr. Daniel Class of 2007
David Ettipio Class of 2003
Kevin Fee Class of 1999
Brian Fisher Class of 1995
Eric Flaksman Class of 2009
Seth Gillston Class of 1996
Gorey Gooch Class of 1996
Julian Gordon Class of 1979
Randy E. Halper, EA, MAAA Class of 1982
Martin Hershy Class of 2009
Veronica Horn Class of 2008
Susan Kearney Class of 1991
Marie Kindler Class of 2009
Michael Kundin Class of 2004
Nathaniel Loughin Class of 2008
John L. Macera Jr., ASA, EA, MAAA Class of 1999
Angela McBride Class of 2011
Debra Montella Class of 2000
Chris Mulvey Class of 2007
Vince Ovecka Class of 1998
Kara Owens Class of 2007
Aelon Porat Class of 2007
Scott Porter Class of 1994
Patrick Regina Class of 1995
Patrick Riley Class of 2009
John A. Scaduto III Class of 2002
Jonathan Shelon Class of 1994
Robert S. Shestack, WBC Class of 1987
Sarah Smith Class of 2002
Rothanak Sor Class of 2010
Cassidy & Christy Starkey Class of 1999
Peter Stupak Class of 1995
Dingdi Pudaite Thomas Class of 1996
Jonathan Thompson Class of 2011
Kristie Trost-Samarco Class of 1995
Michelle Weinstock Class of 1993
Jason J. Woods Class of 1997
Jack Zerbe Class of 2007

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