Alumni Donations

The Sigma Chapter would like to thank all of its alumni for their
support. Without your contributions, our program would not be nearly
as successful. We hope you will continue to support our program and
help us achieve our organizational goals.

To donate and receive recognition, please follow these instructions:

1. Make a donation.
a. Donate by check. Make the check payable to Temple University and mail it to:
          Department of Risk, Insurance, and Healthcare Management
          Attn: Michelle Henry
          Temple University
          601 Alter Hall, 1801 Liacouras Walk
          Philadelphia, PA 19122


b. Donate Online.
          Go to
          Enter gift amount.
          Click "Next".
          Under "Designations", select "Other".
          Inside of the "Other" text box, type "E0330 Gamma Iota Sigma".
          Continue to fill out the appropriate information and click "Submit".
2. Complete the alumni update form online at

2016-2017 Academic Year Donations

Diamond Sponsors

Diamond sponsors represent those sponsors who have given more than $500.

Contact Graduation Date Company
John Hannah Class of 1990 Marsh
Natalie Nagele Class of 2008 Wildbit
Arthur Randolph Class of 1997 Pinnacle Actuarial Resources
Ebenee Randolph Class of 1997 State Farm
Joseph Rueter Class of 1982 Rueter Insurance Agency
Scott Simock Class of 1999 Nimbo
Kevin Turner Class of 1996 Odell Studner

Platinum Sponsors

Platinum sponsors represent those sponsors who have given anywhere from $200 - $499.99.

Contact Graduation Date Company
Ken Anderson Class of 1998 Pregis Corporation
Marc Armstrong Class of 1979 Aon
Anthony Destra Class of 2003 Travelers
Xiang Feng Class of 2013 AIG
Jeff Forman Class of 2000 Willis Towers Watson
Randy Halper Class of 1981 Ernst & Young
Alexander Kleban Class of 2014 Xerox HR Consulting
Michael Klein Class of 1992 Lincoln Investment
Kevin Mickelberg Class of 1996 PricewaterhouseCoopers
Christopher Mulvey Class of 2007 Aon
Marc Savasta Class of 1998 Mercer
Theodor Swansen Class of 1992 TASwansen LLC
Amy VanDerhei Class of 2008 Willis Towers Watson

Gold Sponsors

Gold sponsors represent those sponsors who have given anywhere from $100 - $199.99

Contact Graduation Date Company
Maryann Amici Class of 1993 Crystal & Company
David Balinski Class of 2005 Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.
Nika Cadogan Class of 2009 Connor Stong & Buckelew
Tiffany Calhoun Class of 2008 Endurance
Sunny Cutler Class of 2000 Aon Hewitt
James De Pre Class of 1977 Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC
Thomas Callaghan, Sr. Class of 1975 Philadelphia Housing Authority
Diane Cotrim Class of 2010 Munich Re
Brian Fisher Class of 1995 Villanova Financial Services
Jacob Galecki Class of 2005 Ezra Penland
Mike Giurlando Class of 2006 Chubb
Mary Harrington Class of 1982 Subaru
Volha Heben Class of 2013 Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
Derek Jones Class of 2009 Liberty Mutual
Chris Kocher Class of 1993 Progressive
Christopher Lavelle Class of 2008 United States Liability Insurance
Timothy McDermott Class of 2011 Munich Re
Matthew Menaquale Class of 2008 Lockton Companies
Jeffrey Molishus Class of 1993 ADP
Charmaine Naut Class of 1996 CME Benefits Consulting
Scott Odell Class of 2005 University of Pennsylvania
Jeanne Oronzio Class of 1993 Lamb Financial
Kara Owens Class of 2007 Transatlantic Reinsurance Company
Jenna Pettinelli Class of 2008 Marsh USA Inc.
Michael Pettinelli Class of 2006 Aramark
Crystal Pledger Class of 2004 The Hartford
Sean Pope Class of 1997 Starr Companies
Martin Purcell Class of 1985 The Graham Company
Jennifer Rupprecht Class of 1991 Harleysville Insurance
John Scaduto Class of 2002 Independent Insurance Advisors Rampart, LLC
Veronica Schilling Class of 2010 Lyons Companies
Chris Schwyter Class of 1989 Willis Towers Watson
Sarah Smith-Sinni Class of 2002 PMA Companies
Bertrand Spunberg Class of 2000 Hiscox
John Stickel Class of 1997 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Mark Werner Class of 1998 Comcast
Sydney Williams Class of 1998 Youth Consultation Service, Inc.
Ning Xu Class of 2007 Globex International Group
Michael Zuckerman Class of 1985 Temple University Fox School of Business

Silver Sponsors

Silver sponsors represent those sponsors who have given up to $99.99.

Contact Graduation Date Company
Giovanni Adiletta Class of 2015 Willis Towers Watson
Angela Atienza Class of 2016 Willis Towers Watson
Randall Axelrod Class of 2004 Adheris Health
Joseph Blancuzzi Class of 1998 Connor Strong & Buckelew
George Braun Class of 2016 Gen Re
Stuart Bretz Class of 2006 Highmark, Inc.
Tiana Britton-Davison Class of 2012 Phoenix Life
Sean Brondi Class of 2010 Greater New York Mutual
Joey Chi Class of 2011 Metlife
Michael Covert Class of 1997 Perr & Knight
Andrew Donchez Class of 2016 Trion
Leilanie Esser Class of 2014 Pro-Service Hawaii
Vincent Galasso Class of 2015 Willis Towers Watson
Joseph Guagno Class of 2005 Willis Towers Watson
Douglas Houck Class of 2012 ECBM
Richard Huynh Class of 2008 Cigna
Susan Kearney Class of 1991 The Institutes
James Kibelstis Class of 2003 Mercer
Nathaniel Loughlin Class of 2008 KPMG
John Macera Class of 1999 Savitz
Howard Mapp Class of 2007 Liberty Mutual
Thomas Metzger Class of 2013 All Risks
Carolyn Murset Class of 2016 Willis Towers Watson
Tammy Orehek Class of 2010 Connor Strong & Buckelew
Todd Peterman Class of 1992 The Peterman Group
Anthony Polito Class of 2007 Allied World Assurance
Stephen Popowski Class of 2016 Aon
Scott Porter Class of 1992 Milliman
Jennifer Prater Class of 2003 Merchant Insurance Solutions
Patrick Regina Class of 1994 Travelers
Russell Rollins Class of 2013 Travelers
Alexander Schwartz Class of 2013 Liberty Mutual
Jonathan Shelton Class of 1994 JP Morgan
Scott Shore Class of 2013 Mercer
Dingdi Thomas Class of 1996 PricewaterhouseCoopers
Kristie Trost-Samarco Class of 1995 AIG
Vanessa Vander Brink Class of 2014 The Hartford
Sarah Walsh-Mercurio Class of 1991 Marsh
Walter Weimar Class of 1996 Argo Group

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