Sigma Chapter Intern Testimonials

Amanda Wolfgang
Actuarial Science, Risk Management & Insurance
Spring 2018

Liberty Mutual
Boston , MA

Provide a General Description of the Internship. Include daily tasks completed, the company and its employees, and any other information.
I usually got into work around 7:30 or 8:00 am (but could've gotten in as late as 9:00 am) and stayed 8 hours with a 30 minute lunch break. I had my own cube which was located near many other summer interns so I got to meet a lot of people. I had frequent meetings with my manager where I could ask her any questions I had an update her not he projects I worked on. My work consisted of projects done for my team as well as work completed for trainings and weekly ARC lead debriefs.

Did you have a mentor?

If so, how did he/she help you during your internship?
My buddy and buddy group acted as my mentor(s). We had a few lunches and coffee breaks together and I was able to ask her any questions I had about the program or company or her job and projects.

Did you feel your RMI/AS classes better prepared you for the internship?
Yes, they exposed me to some of the terminology I was hearing and products I was working with as well as some of the calculations I did. It also gave me a solid excel base to use in my internship.

Interviewing/Hiring Process Comments:
I talked briefly with a recruiter at the career reception. I then had a phone interview a week or so later and flew up to Boston to have an on campus interview halloween weekend. I had a week after I got an offer to make a decision.

Were you assigned any special projects? If so please describe.
I worked on two major projects that exposed me to opposite side of the reserving department. The first worked with statutory reserving, reinsurance and variable annuity products. The second project worked with GAAP reserves, shock assumptions and term life products.

What were the supplemental benefits besides the pay? (Internship Lunches, Housing, Sports Games, Happy Hours, etc.)
I was given a relocation housing stipend to pay for housing for the summer. We also got to volunteer for a day, take a department outing, go to events for the buddies and students during the work day, go on a duck tour, networking dinners and happy hours.

Describe the company's internship program(atmosphere, work load, work, housing, outside work activities, etc.).
It was very large with about 30 actuarial interns and about 200 interns total in Boston with more at other offices. We had specific actuarial trainings where we also met students in the company's full time program and could network with them. We also had a speaker series, ARC lead (the actuarial program leads) debriefs and various other organized activities such as volunteering and a duck tour of the city. The office was more professional (never allowed to wear jeans) and they have a very structured training, intern, and rotational program

Was the internship what you expected after the interviewing/hiring process?

Were you provided time off besides the weekend?
I was given 1.5 days a month of flexible time off. If I didn't use it I was paid for it.

If you had to relocate, describe the process of adapting to a new city.
Relocating was easy in Boston. The city is a lot like Philadelphia and the public transportation system was easy to use and get used to. I didn't have any trouble at all.

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