Sigma Chapter Intern Testimonials

Bridget Rush
Risk Management
Spring 2017

Munich Re America
Princeton , NJ

Provide a General Description of the Internship. Include daily tasks completed, the company and its employees, and any other information.
It was a project based internship. Worked on a specific project throughout the summer and then presented work to leadership team. Had multiple interviews throughout the summer. Also had meet & greets with all the C-level executives.

Did you have a mentor?

If so, how did he/she help you during your internship?
A mentor was assigned to give you more insight about the company, the full-time training position, and their similar experiences. They helped introduce you to various people throughout the company.

Did you feel your RMI/AS classes better prepared you for the internship?
Yes. Without RMI classes the work would have been very hard to do and have meaning. Would have took a lot longer without a thorough understanding of insurance.

Interviewing/Hiring Process Comments:
Initial pre-screening interview at Temple. Second round (final) was at Munich Re's campus. Consisted of a writing test, a math test, and five 30 minute interviews.

Were you assigned any special projects? If so please describe.
Yes, they were projects specific to your division. All the projects were very meaningful and we presented them throughout the division and discussed with various leadership teams.

What were the supplemental benefits besides the pay? (Internship Lunches, Housing, Sports Games, Happy Hours, etc.)
Lunch & Learns, housing

Describe the company's internship program(atmosphere, work load, work, housing, outside work activities, etc.).
It was a very well developed program. I always had work or meetings to keep buys. Interns were also required to attend a few classes throughout the summer.

Was the internship what you expected after the interviewing/hiring process?

Were you provided time off besides the weekend?

If you had to relocate, describe the process of adapting to a new city.
I moved to shorten the commute. Princeton is still pretty close to Philly so it was not a big change.

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