Sigma Chapter Intern Testimonials

Ellen Brown
Actuarial Science
Spring 2017

Everest Re
Liberty Corner, NJ

Provide a General Description of the Internship. Include daily tasks completed, the company and its employees, and any other information.
I usually came in around 8-8:30 and left at 4-4:30. My boss was the VP of Corporate Underwriting, but I also worked a lot with two VPs of Actuarial Pricing. We usually worked on a big project and a couple little ones at a time. Our longest and most important project was constructing the Price Monitor Report.

Did you have a mentor?

If so, how did he/she help you during your internship?

Did you feel your RMI/AS classes better prepared you for the internship?
I did feel like my AS classes helped prepare me for this internship because I went in knowing at least a little bit about property and casualty insurance and Excel and they were expecting me to know nothing at all. I felt a little ahead of the curve compared to the Actuarial interns from other schools

Interviewing/Hiring Process Comments:
I applied online then received an email from HR to schedule a phone interview. The phone interview was pretty casual and about 15 minutes and then I received a job offer a couple days later.

Were you assigned any special projects? If so please describe.
We constructed the Price Monitor Report for 2016 in Excel and made a PowerPoint that went out to upper level management. I filled out pro-forma statements for two new companies Everest is starting for all fifty states. We helped create a database in Excel for loss development factors of different lines. We helped create a database of ticker symbols for the companies Everest insures.

What were the supplemental benefits besides the pay? (Internship Lunches, Housing, Sports Games, Happy Hours, etc.)
No one minded if I studied while I wasn't busy but there were no formal study hours provided. We were treated to lunch 4 times.

Describe the company's internship program(atmosphere, work load, work, housing, outside work activities, etc.).
There were about twelve interns total who we only got together with a couple times, once for orientation, once for a business etiquette workshop, and once for an ice cream social at the end of the program. However, many of us ate lunch together everyday. We had a very manageable workload most of the time. On two occasions we had to stay late, and for a week or two in the middle of the program we were struggling to keep ourselves busy.

Was the internship what you expected after the interviewing/hiring process?

Were you provided time off besides the weekend?

If you had to relocate, describe the process of adapting to a new city.
I live in Scranton so I had to stay at Rutgers in New Brunswick for the internship and they didn't put me up I just found a sublet on my own. I did not like living in New Brunswick mostly because of the crazy traffic in New Jersey. I was also by myself there which was tough but turned out okay because I got a lot of distraction-free studying in and passed an exam.

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