Sigma Chapter Intern Testimonials

Justin Johnson
Risk Management,
Spring 2017

All Risks Ltd.
Hunt Valley MD, USA

Provide a General Description of the Internship. Include daily tasks completed, the company and its employees, and any other information.
Most days tasks included shadowing underwriters in different programs. The underwriter you were placed with would determine whether or not you got hands on experience.

Did you have a mentor?

If so, how did he/she help you during your internship?
My mentor was younger than me but very knowledgable.

Did you feel your RMI/AS classes better prepared you for the internship?
Boot camp gave me a baseline in which I had a basic understanding of how things should work.

Interviewing/Hiring Process Comments:
1st round Interview conducted at the career fair was formal yet relaxed. 2nd round was the following day and was once again more relaxed and the questions mostly consisted of why insurance, why temple, tell me about yourself. The offer came two weeks later.

Were you assigned any special projects? If so please describe.
The interns were split into multiple groups and were assigned projects based on locality. Myself and two other interns were assigned a cyber liability program. We had to design and piece together a cyber program because all risks was looking into breaking into that marketplace.

What were the supplemental benefits besides the pay? (Internship Lunches, Housing, Sports Games, Happy Hours, etc.)
Happy hours, Lunches, time for the project, ubers to and from batlimore were reimbursed, they paid expenses for travel during the entire internship.

Describe the company's internship program(atmosphere, work load, work, housing, outside work activities, etc.).
Company was always willing to take us out almost every night. They took myself and one other intern to an Orioles game. Happy hours were prevelent. We had one week of formal training and the other six weeks were shadowing.

Was the internship what you expected after the interviewing/hiring process?

Were you provided time off besides the weekend?

If you had to relocate, describe the process of adapting to a new city.
Hunt Valley is effectively a suburb of Baltimore but is close enough to the city (15 minutes) to be able get the full benefits of the city.

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