Sigma Chapter Intern Testimonials

Nicole Komolov
Risk Management & Insurance
Fall 2016

Connor Strong & Buckalew
Philadelphia , PA

Provide a General Description of the Internship. Include daily tasks completed, the company and its employees, and any other information.
A normal day would be from 8:30 to 5pm. The most common task was policy checking and policy auditing. However, I was exposed to a bunch of different projects that assisted the team I was placed on, ranging from editing pre-renewal/renewal presentations, updating schedules of insurance, creating named insured matrices, sending endorsement requests to underwriters, compiling renewal invoices to clients, checking proposals against statement of values and coverage summaries, calculating and verifying audit rates, updating flood zones, etc.

Did you have a mentor?

If so, how did he/she help you during your internship?
We didn't each have personal mentors, but there were two mentors assigned to the group of interns at the Philly office who were always available if we had questions. We also had weekly "Lunch & Learns" with them.

Did you feel your RMI/AS classes better prepared you for the internship?
Yes! It feels great to be able to understand the lingo when in meetings or speaking to other employees. Also being able to have a basis in understanding in concepts when going through policies and situations.

Interviewing/Hiring Process Comments:
There were 3 rounds. First was at the intern reception where I spoke with two people, second was in the department with one person, and third was in the Philadelphia Conner Strong office with two more people. After the third round I got a call with an offer within about a week or so.

Were you assigned any special projects? If so please describe.
Not necessarily any one specific project, but I was always involved in mostly everything my team was working on or preparing for.

What were the supplemental benefits besides the pay? (Internship Lunches, Housing, Sports Games, Happy Hours, etc.)
Besides the fact that there was almost ALWAYS food in the kitchen, there were the weekly "Lunch & Learns" with the mentors where lunch was brought into the conference room for us, happy hours after a day of volunteering and after the end of summer intern scavenger hunt. My managers also took me to lunch a few times throughout the summer. We also got some cool gear for employee appreciation day.

Describe the company's internship program(atmosphere, work load, work, housing, outside work activities, etc.).
Conner Strong offers an amazing experience for their interns. The company culture is very welcoming and upbeat. Everyone is super nice and willing to help. It is a very "work hard, play hard" atmosphere. There were a couple "formal" training sessions to get us accustomed to using the software and another intro to insurance session. Other than that there was just an online training program that we were told to complete at the beginning of the internship.

Was the internship what you expected after the interviewing/hiring process?

Were you provided time off besides the weekend?
We only had off for the 4th of July, other than that we were asked to not miss days from the internship, but they were understanding if you had valid reasons for requesting off.

If you had to relocate, describe the process of adapting to a new city.

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